Monday, October 15, 2007


There are times when you miss someone close to your heart... miss real bad... feel like talking to that person, laughing together, smiling, gigling, teasing... holding hands... just being together!!!

But there are a few rarer moments... when you just want to miss that person... you want to feel that void that the person creates by not being around you, and acknowledge and appreciate it with everything... yea, with everything, everything in your heart... your mind... just... everything! And a phone call is not going to 'remedy' the missing... because, its not about the presence of the other person, but it is about the absence... and so totally and completely about you... it is the glory of that absence that you so want to bask in... embrace... live! It is an amazing feeling... a pleasant surprise that how much a person can mean to you.. and how much he or she can be a part of your life... i think, it tells you something more about yourself!!!