Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving ON.....

Moving out of the hostel is one of the things i dread the most...(A post bout all that will come soon...) Till then i try to indulge myself in fancying how my new place (a flat with 1 of my friends ) will be like....Things that are a MUST at my new place....

1. Bean bags
2. A huge photo of all my friends
3. T.V preferably a flat screen with a DVD player
4. A nice kitchen with loads of food (Full of Break fast)
5. A huge music system
6. Low sitting with loads of cushions
7. A huge book rack (I want to keep my books organised now)
8. Candles (Avi loves them, I don't mind either)
9. High speed internet (Fed up of hostel broadband)
10. Hookha (What if mom comes by...!!???)

Apart from all this I also need to get a new bike (Avi's is pure crap n Duddu will b leavin :-(( )