Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Back!!!!! :D

I'm back..
I won't really say with a bang because I myself am not very sure. After a real long break, considering and reconsidering if I should continue blogging or not I'm here to write and to share my thoughts with ppl who care enough to read wats up with me!!!!!!!!!
To quickly breif what I was upto while I was gone...
1. College over
2. Project submitted
3. Vacations over
4. Joined work
5. Trying to live upto the job now.
I can write an idividual blog over every point above mentioned, which I may in some time. For now, my WORK LIFE:

On18th July 2008, I joined work in an American agriculture based company called JOHN DEERE. Not many in India would know about this particular company, but as I've joined it you can be sure its a big player in whatever area it deals. (I can brag bout my company in yet another post!!!!) Life changed and it has changed irreversibly as I've understood in these very few days. Life is different and difficult too. The schedule is damn hectic and tiring, at the end of the day I'm left with no energy even to chat on the phone.
Oh, that reminds me, I can talk about my schedule here...
6.30 - Damn, the alarm. Get up by 6.45 or so
8.00 - Ready till this time including a bit of exercise and meditation, making my own Bornvita and stuff. (Don't raise eyebrows, I'm trying)
8.15 - I get updated with the news on TV and leave.
8.22 - My bus arrives just below my flat and I'm off for work.
9.00 - Inside the splendid JDTCI building.
9.30 - Done with checking mails and beakfast in the cafeteria.
12.30 - Lunch
4.00 - Tea
6.15 - Evening snacks
6.30 - Closure of the days work and off for the day. (If no training of call, else it moves on to 8 or 9.30 in the night)
6.45 - The bus starts exactly on time and I reach home by 8 or 8.15 (Look at the travellin time difference in the morning and evening)
8.30 - Dinner and TV
9.30 - Continue with TV or readindgand if someone drops by (which mostly happens), go out for coffee or Cad-B
10.30 - 0n the phone
11.00 - Sleep :) (Usually, it gets delayed as chats get interesting on the phone or otherwise)

Thats my average day with little or no deviation in the format.