Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In my last post I anounced Youthopeia. Here is more on what it is about:

What is about?
Youthopeia, as the name suggests is a HOPE, but it doesn’t stop there; it’s a passion and a vision to bridge the gap between the Rural and Urban youth. We firmly believe that youth can bring about a change and YH aims at exploiting the enthusiasm of the youth for a better society, a better country.
The concept of Youthopeia came up after a lot of brainstorming on various issues which can act as catalyst for change. The best change agent would be change at grass root levels. YH is way of sharing the privileges that we are blessed with, with the underprivileged counterparts.

What’s the mission?
To empower Rural youth to increase their participation in social development of Rural India. Simply put, its making the rural India capable of solving their own problems with an initial impetus from the urban folks.

How does it work?
1. Taking road trips to villages and establishing a dialogue with the Rural counterparts.
Understanding their problems and coming up with feasible solutions after discussions with other fellows
2. Working with Secondary/Higher secondary schools to revitalize the interest in education, by showing the kids the BIG picture and making them meet possibilities.
3. Using the social media and Internet to spread the buzz and awareness.
4. Buddy program: Wherein every volunteer will be made to for a buddy group with the rural counterparts and will be actively helping them out with their problems, queries, information or just being a good listener/friend.

Initially, villages around Pune are targeted. But if anyone want to take this idea up in different part of India, we will help as much as possible.

Who are we?
1. Not just another NGO.
2. WE are not change-makers, we strive to create them.
3. Believe that the one who faces the problem knows the best solution.
4. Induce the mentality for change in the minds where the need is felt the most.
5. Its not about participating in some event on a weekend, getting a t shirt and updating the FB/Twitter status. Its about developing a relationship with the rural counterparts.

YH is an attempt to see a change what we truly believe in. If you believe that you can make a change, do visit YH.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BACK !!!

Where the fuck was I?? Is that the immediate question that will follow?? Well, fail enough, I have been hibernating for over 2 months now. I should be happy that the blog survived such tough times. Ppl keep asking; why is the blog dying, what are you up to, where are all the reviews and accounts of occasions you promised will be on the blog????? I have been hiding and running away from all these questions. Here are a few answers…

Enduro3, immediately after the Delhi trip, oh the Delhi trip was with college friends for 5 days in and around Delhi. Enduro 3 was an incredible experience, from buying the cycle to the never ending practice sessions to long email threads motivating and de motivating each other to deciding the team name and finally quitting after the grueling competition. This left me very exhausted both physically and mentally.

TWITTER, one of the main culprit is Twitter. It has kept me away from my first love, Blogging. But soon enough I realized, Tweeting is just like a one night stand, it can make you happy w/o any commitments but a blog is where true happiness lies. I will still keep visiting Twitter but will never forget you, my Blog.

Reading, its one of the better reasons of staying away from blogging. I have been reading some off beat stuff for a while now likes of Curious case of a dog in the night time, Never let me go, Animal farm, 1984 and the Inheritance of loss. Each book a different kind of delight, each with a different voice and scenario. Loved all the time I spent with Christopher, Kathy, Snowball and folks. I wish I could do a post on these books but I do not consider myself worthy enough to review any of these books.

Youthopeia, certainly the best reason for being away. YH is trying to bridge the gap between rural and urban India with the help of the youth. It’s a way to spread the hope to the ppl less privileged that most of us are. I wont say anything much here but would like to urge everyone to visit the BLOG and know more. Its one thing I always wanted to do and finally the wheels are moving. Contribution, feedback and comments are most welcome.

TEDxPune, the latest addition in the host of activities. The day I came to know about TEDxPune, I jumped on the opportunity of becoming a part of something so amazing and exciting. The first meeting was last Saturday and it was a great opportunity to network with some of the most passionate ppl in Pune. Looking forward to contribute more to the event and making it a HUGE success.

Apart from all these reasons, menial excess like laziness, hanging out with friends, outings, movies and sleep kept me busy. But now I am back and I plan to stay J