Friday, September 28, 2012


He always walked in with a smile and messed up hair
His shirt was always a size smaller for his tummy and pant an inch too long
His hands were cracked and shoes unclean but had a heart of a king
He was always eager to talk and never wished to stop
He loved his car and always shut the door a little too hard
He was always there to pick me up at the wee hours when I arrived home
He was the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave
He was also the first one to defend his beloved ‘Bhau’ and the family
He was the one we counted on and looked for, for anything and everything
He was Devidas!!!

Just this morning, when I got up to the rains and cloudy weather, mom called up and something seemed odd. She spoke about a lot of other things but seemed lost. Finally when I asked and heard her speak, my heart stopped.

Devidas is no more. Our driver for last so many years but more of a family to all of us is gone. I am so far away from home and haven’t seen him for last 2 years but still cannot stop thinking about what a great guy he was and feel the big loss and void this has caused.

May his soul rest in peace!