Saturday, April 5, 2008


CONTEMPLATIONS – By the General Secretary

Phew… Here we are, once again at the end of yet another eventful year. And I’m glued to my writing desk to perform probably the errr… last responsibility as the G.S.
Sigh… Last….?? When did time fly by?? A concoction of very complex emotions is bubbling within me right now… driving me back to day one. A small ‘unnoticeable notice’ was put up announcing the panel elections (terribly late !!) and the word started spreading. As it is my last year in college, I had decided to be a part of everything, and it was my volition to contest for the post of G.S. Elections were like never before, every post had potential contestants and touting themselves was the foremost agenda (Rangoli guy did a lot of business with all the coloured papers :-P). A typical hostelite that I am cannot leave the opportunity to go home for a million dollars. Thus, just 2 days before the elections I was at home having ‘Ghar ka khana’ while Chaitra and my gang did all the endorsing for me (Thanks ya).
My reverie about how it would feel to be the G.S. was broken and I could actually live it. But it didn’t feel like how it would. I felt burdened and responsible rather than smug and proud. To top it all, I hardly knew anybody in the panel very well.
Work, we had to, so we started off with the… ahem.., Sweatshirts (don’t hit me) and the T-shirts and goofed it up pretty much. But we decided to make up for it and organize Gandhaar in a way that everybody will remember (hopefully, we did). The thumb rule was to break every ‘wont’ and become mavericks. The idea of having attraction nights germinated long back and was enthusiastically welcomed by everyone. We started working on the Gaandhar schedule from the first day of 2nd sem. Rashmi, Rekha (popularly Ra-Re) and I spent sleepless nights planning every little detail of the events in the hostel. Mrunmayee joined are meetings online. I can’t thank these three people enough for making Gandhaar what it was.
The real fun began with the commencement of the actual events. I understood how even fool proof planning can go haywire while executing. Peevishness took its toll on me. I was screaming on every second person backstage and joking and laughing away to glory onstage (:-D)
This is an apt place where I should apologize to all those (friends, Firodiya team, panel members, F.E’s, and unknown enthu people) for dragging them to work, shouting and being stern to the extent of rudeness. Not everybody’s name can be mentioned but it is a heart felt thanks to each and every person who did the most menial jobs, only because I demanded.
The joy of transcending the boundaries of a tera-in-cognita is unparalleled and thus was my joy when the crowd screamed ‘once more’ to the college band, B.E. show was a hit, people mad after ‘Prosody’ and not a single soul left the quadrangle while Rat-a-touille was screened. I don’t want any awards and accolades for what I did, I already got it in the form of hugs from complete strangers, words of high appreciation from least expected people, ‘we will miss you’ from F.E.’s , innumerable scraps and mails saying ‘well done’, a ‘photo please’ after Gandhaar and an O-HAIL from the closest of my friends. What more can I ask for..??
At the end of the day, I stand here, with a rainbow of my emotions, gratitude, satisfaction, nostalgia, excitement an iota of sadness. As I leave, all I want to say (as I always say) is don’t be ‘Corridor-Peepers’, inflict your enthusiasm, initiate, be a part of everything, discover your true colors, don’t hesitate, unfurl your wings and you might just startle yourself by soaring higher than your imagination….

Anagha Mahajan
General Secretary.

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