Thursday, December 18, 2008

On my LIST !!!

I should stop making promises....
I suck at keeping them.. (I can see, rather predict the huge nods and smirks my friends givin)

I can't say I was particularly stuck with work but was kinda busy doing a host of things...
Made a loooong list of TO Dos to finish in coming 18 months and beyond...

The reason for 18months cannot be published online.... NO NO, I'm not getting married... :P
1. Promised myself a PHOREIGN TRIP in a few months... Gotta save for that... Apart from a business trip, hopefully it falls in place..
2.A few Adventure activities before that like trekking, rafting and stuff... One comin up in the coming weekend... :D :D
3.Made a list of 15 books and 100 movies (along with the normal releases) to watch and read (Will post it in a day or 2... I hope :P)
4.To post a blog atleast once a week (ok, I know, how lousy I'm)
5.Listen to a hell lotta different music and try and appreciate slow borin (oops) music.... :P
6.Teach the underpriviliged students or different kind of Community service... I'm currently enrolled to Teach India and Maher...
7.Complete DRUMS basic and embark upon advanced and may be guitar sideways... Also toying wid the idea of singin,, (OK FINE...)
8.Learn to SWIM and DRIVE A FOUR WHEELER... At least swimming for sure :P
9.Visit the gym at least 4 times a week... And reduce a lil here n there :D
10.PLAN beyond these 18 months and EXECUTE IT !!!! Find a path to move ahead !!!

You may say I'm a DREAMER, but I'm not the only one…..

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