Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lite le!!!

After my last blog, I got a lot of worried e-mails and messages from friends (yes, few ppl still follow my blog, duh) about the 'sudden' outburst of my thoughts. But, let me make it clear, its NO sudden outburst, I've been thinking about this one for quite sometime now.

This does not mean I'm turning into some non-believer of humanity or something. I'm not gonna turn into a Hippie and smoke marijuana :P It was just a figment of my imagination, a reflection of my thoughts and the kind or reading and music I'm listening to. (Been reading and listening a lot of revolutionary stuff off late)

Howmuchever this system might suck, I like it here. May be we are adapted to it. I will find a way out through this shit. Its too bad, very bad like I've written but not so bad that we stop hoping. I know its contradicting my own thoughts but these are two different moods and philosophies. And like always, I'm confused which one to follow. Atleast, no harm writing, may be some day, I'll will know my own philosophy.

Plus, it was high time that I digressed from my usual comedy format and wrote something I really feel about. Here on I'll try and mix both forms of writing. So all of you take it lite and hang on :D

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