Friday, September 25, 2009

25 random things about me

1. I love writing, I don’t remember when I got a hang of it but now I truly enjoy Blogging.

2. I’m one hell of a procrastinator. I cant get to speed unless the 11th hour has passed.

3. I spent my first dollar in the US on a Starbucks Coffee, I still have that mug.

4. I hate being taken for granted. I’m like a child who constantly seeks attention.

5. On my first visit to college after graduating, one junior actually walked up to me and took my “Autograph” :D :D

6. I love gadgets. Technology n gadgets are big turn ons for me.

7. I have a theory proposed called “3 phases of friendship” it hasn’t failed till date and everyone who has heard bout it agrees to it.

8. I have dropped my cell in a shit hole once. No more details will be revealed.

9. My present cell phone takes 3 minutes to open one text message… Duh

10. As a child I wanted to be a Post-man, then a Police officer, later a Doc and finally settled to be an Engineer… And still don’t like it.

11. I once got the “Worst singer award”

12. I cannot distinguish any colors apart from basic ones. Tan, Purple, Lavender, Mauve etc totally perplex me.

13. As a child I had an imaginary friend and I myself was a different character in that world.

14. I’m afraid that I’m a minor Kleptomaniac. No raised eyebrows, I just have the urge to take things, I don’t actually steal them.

15. When I’m travelling alone, I play a totally different character from what I am and chat with ppl. (Once I played an NRI who has come back to India to find her ‘roots’ :P)

15. I'm proud the fact that I’m a Gemini.

17. I Google anything and everything. I have the most unimaginable searches under my belt. The top search being my own name...

18. I am also a minor case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) I need the furniture in the exact place, books in a particular order, all frames aligned, etc etc…

19. I’m NOT really a happy-go-luck or don’t-care person, but I like to entertain that fraudulent idea in people.

20. I love planning Bday n surprise parties for my friends. The happiness is infectious and glint in the eyes is incomparable.

21. The most horrible movie I have watched in a theater is Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.

22. My favorite pass time at public places is to check out the brands various ppl are sporting, observing their body language and gestures.

23. I want to get a tattoo done but still wondering what and where.

24. As the name of the blog goes I’m stentorian (very loud) and so are my friends; we have been thrown out of every possible place due to the noise levels.. Lectures, Labs, Coffee shops, Hotels, Bus stops, Parking, Roads… Every damn place….

25. I ride a second hand (third hand really) Kinetic. I totally love that bike :D


Salil said...

"I’m NOT really a happy-go-lucky or don’t-care person, but I like to entertain that fraudulent idea in people." - heehee nice...putting this one up in 25 'random' things about yourself was a good move :-P

ANAGHA said...

Damn.. the 1st reader itself noticed..!! I thought I will get away by stating it somewhere in between and won't have the guilt of nver confessing it...

anuradha said...

Actually u could have made it with 100 random things...U would hve let out many more such Phoney things...:-P
but it was seriously great to read it... i especially couldnt stop laughing at that 'Worst Singer Award' :-D

I Walk Alone!!! said...

Hmmm... seems like I am reading about myself... Ditoo!!! Except for a few points ;)

The exceptions are:
Not at all a Kleptomaniac ;)
Not a movie buff so there are no worst movies for me

Freaking similarities:
Did you say procrastinator? :)
First dollar in the US on a Starbucks Coffee :P
Child who constantly seeks attention
Technology n gadgets are big turn ons
Dropped my cell in a shit hole (in my case it was thrice :P)
wanted to be something and then finally settled to be something that I still don’t like
People ask to me stop singing the moment they sense I am going to start ;)
Imaginary friend
Playing character WOW!!! I love this part ;)
Top google web search being my own name
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
NOT really a happy-go-luck or don’t-care person
I end up planning most of the parties ;)
observing body language and gestures
I’m stentorian (when I laugh, people turn and check who is this maniac)
I used ride a second hand car... and I love it... wont ever let it go ;)

The best one-
I'm proud the fact that I’m a Gemini

ANAGHA said...

@I walk alone: I'm zapped... Totally/... WOW... But in a way I'm sad.. I thought I was theonly sample... :P
Its a BIG pleasure meeting you :D :D

Mehak said...

hehe, interesting person! :)

Pankhuri said...

well... i could have been the one to take your autograph too... just that i never met you after you graduated and before that i wasn't going to try that, was i???

keep blogging!

penandpaper said...

Nice one. When I started reading this post, I found I totally identified with Points 1,2,9,10,17,18 and 20. Had I seen Jhoom Barabar Jhoom I would have agreed on 21 as well. But I did not have the heart to go through 3 hour torture.

Gautam said...

even i find myself observing the brands that people sport but seldom come clean on this as then you are branded as 'judging' them.....

Rishi said...

nice blog... enjoyed this post!!

ricky said...

Interest Phase? Bonding phase? ... what about the random sense of dressing you have? anyways.. couldnt help leaving these comments..ciao.. this looks like a trap for iktara searchers..

ANAGHA said...

@Mehak: Thanks for visiting, I'm a regular for your blog.
@Pankhuri: What you said is Flattering to say the least
@Penandpaper: I wish you never go through the trauma called "Jhoom barabar jhoom" :P :P
@Gautam: Well, I say sigh, we are always weighing our scales.. let ppl think what they want to...

ANAGHA said...

@Rishi: Thanks for visiting, do visit again and drop a line :D :D
@Ricky: HUH?? I'm sorry I din get a word of what you trying to say... Do I know you?
N I really need to change the Iktara post Title...

Manav said...

Awesome read, though I too found some similarities, but on the other hand this post pushed me to check out the traits of my personality which I never bothered to look at, Thanks :D

ANAGHA said...

@Manav: You are welcome
N yeah, we really dont know ourselves very well.. When we do weird things like this we get to know a lot.. :D
Though I got lot of mails from my friend about sooo many things I missed here... Got to know myself better through them...
I can tag you to do the same :P

ricky said...

phases for what i was trying to guess...and its jus the weirdo looking bottoms you donning in the picture... thot it had to be really high on the things you wanted to share...nope and you don't know i told ya..was looking for iktara..

ANAGHA said...

@Ricky: Now I read ya.. What you say makes sense.. The pahses of friendship n all.. And I totally missed my "weird dressing" .. It will be in top 5.. U seem to have quite an observant guy..

Randeep said...

Hmmm.. Nice.. Think its worth following u.


ANAGHA said...

@Randeep: Thanks...:D
I will try and not disappoint and entertain throughly...

Toon India said...

nice blog..klpetomaniac ..hmm you better watch out girl :)

keep writing!!

InkTank said...

i am yet to come across something so so original! lovely reading! am eager to know those 3 phases of friendship, have u written a blog on it?

InkTank said...

and observing people is a passion with me too.... i can spend hours at public places:)

Swarup said...

Nice 'Random' collection. I would like to know more about your theory "3 phases of ..." sounds interensing!! Item #15 was excellent.