Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In my last post I anounced Youthopeia. Here is more on what it is about:

What is about?
Youthopeia, as the name suggests is a HOPE, but it doesn’t stop there; it’s a passion and a vision to bridge the gap between the Rural and Urban youth. We firmly believe that youth can bring about a change and YH aims at exploiting the enthusiasm of the youth for a better society, a better country.
The concept of Youthopeia came up after a lot of brainstorming on various issues which can act as catalyst for change. The best change agent would be change at grass root levels. YH is way of sharing the privileges that we are blessed with, with the underprivileged counterparts.

What’s the mission?
To empower Rural youth to increase their participation in social development of Rural India. Simply put, its making the rural India capable of solving their own problems with an initial impetus from the urban folks.

How does it work?
1. Taking road trips to villages and establishing a dialogue with the Rural counterparts.
Understanding their problems and coming up with feasible solutions after discussions with other fellows
2. Working with Secondary/Higher secondary schools to revitalize the interest in education, by showing the kids the BIG picture and making them meet possibilities.
3. Using the social media and Internet to spread the buzz and awareness.
4. Buddy program: Wherein every volunteer will be made to for a buddy group with the rural counterparts and will be actively helping them out with their problems, queries, information or just being a good listener/friend.

Initially, villages around Pune are targeted. But if anyone want to take this idea up in different part of India, we will help as much as possible.

Who are we?
1. Not just another NGO.
2. WE are not change-makers, we strive to create them.
3. Believe that the one who faces the problem knows the best solution.
4. Induce the mentality for change in the minds where the need is felt the most.
5. Its not about participating in some event on a weekend, getting a t shirt and updating the FB/Twitter status. Its about developing a relationship with the rural counterparts.

YH is an attempt to see a change what we truly believe in. If you believe that you can make a change, do visit YH.


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Srikanth Perinkulam said...

Quite interesting! Would love to join you folks whenever feasible when I'm in Pune.

rohini said...

Nice attempt....will surely think on this....

Vaudeville of exhilaration said...

Hmm..Is this an active group..?? May be you can imbibe some of the strategies from "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid"..

Good Luck!!!

Anasthaesium said...

Hi Anagha, I am from Chennai and I have been thinking on parallel lines for quite sometime now but my heart lies with the educational development of the children from the rural background especially when it is a know fact that most of them quit studies to make ends meet. I travel quite a lot on the job which takes away the continuity for an initiative like this but I want to come on one of your field trips or college visits. So drop me a line about your event dates or let me know where to contact you to discuss this further. Thanks

Atif said...

Nice! being a rural veteran and living in urban areas, I believe Youthopeia is a great idea to abridge the gap between two sides. A good cause must be supported (always), especially these days. Would love to join you guys but I am not from India. Is there a way to involve in activities online. And, yea Good luck! with everything.

ANAGHA said...

@Srikanth: You being a part of this will be gret. With all your experience, it will defintely help the cause..
@Vaudeville of exhilaration: Thanks for the awesome suggestion, we are in process of making the idea more feasible. Will surely look it up. Thanks. More comments are appreciated.

ANAGHA said...

@Anasthaesium: I will keep you updated. We have a mailing group and I will add you on that. Wait till the end of June for regular activities to begin. Thaks.
@Atif: Really appreciate you offering help. We are still getting the idea more and more solid. Will keep you posted on the developments. Thanks again for the interese.