Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Falling To Rise

And then you fall and then you rise
This fight is not for all but the wise
There is anxiety and there is grief
There is work to do in time brief
There are tiny but trillion thoughts
And inside you, your mind rots
There is failure but there is hope
And you can do without dope
There is loneliness but there is love
One day you'd see the white dove
Tough times many will come on your way
But "all for good" in the end you'll say
You would have many, not one choice
But always hear your own inner voice
I am not far but inside you somewhere
For one reason that you are here.
And then you fall and then you rise
And then you learn of this life's disguise.

This is NOT an original post. This poem is by Arnab Ghosh. I loved it so much that I decided to re-post it with his permission. I loved this poem cos its so much full of realities and still has so much hope in it.
Hope you guys enjoy it too, let me know!!


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Mrudula said...

Loved the poem.. :) Please convey it to Arnab.. :)