Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Updates

Some updates:
1. I got a new place to stay. Its bigger than the present one but not furnished, but I'm gonna love it, will buy some furniture and everything will be on track once again.
2.Going to Mumbai this weekend for Neha's Bday blast and also to check the TCS buddies' place. They have been raving about it for real long now.
3.Watching A lot of classic movies and catching up with the IMDb Top 250 list. Thanks to KKs new HDD. :D
4. @John Deere, its more of chats over coffees lately :) Chats bout MBA, MS, Market Trends, Recession, Politics, FRIENDS, Movies and everything under the sun. Great time guys.
5. Had a blast at 1000 Oak's (the place just ROCKS) last weekend. Danced to my heart's content. (Ya, u ppl can have a good laugh!!! Morons)
6.Too much of partying over last two weekends so gonna cut down n start saving to make up for the losses incurred due to the new place jazz.
7.Reading has come to a complete stop due to these movies sessions. Will resume soon. Few book reviews pending too. :(

Err... Can't think of more. Will come up with something interesting soon. Till then, keep following...


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