Monday, March 2, 2009

CELEBRATIONS!! (Shrivardhan Trip and a lot more in between….)

(Shrivardhan Trip and a lot more in between….)

The best part of Hostel Life, undoubtedly was forming a new family. Family, whose members were chosen by me and then the beautiful institution came to life. An Extended Family called “ ANARS “.

ANARS means Anagha Neha Avanti/Aditi Rujuta Snehal/Surabhi. I know it’s a little clichéd for my creativity :P but once formed we never looked back to changing it just to make it sound cooler. Its like ones second name, love it or hate it, one has to shove it up every time one writes his/her full name [Names like P.K Gire, I. M Dukre and what not :P] I guess I’m digressing. The point is ANARS is the name of my Hostel Gang, My Extended Family.

Birthdays is a HUGE affair for we Anars. Its like a Family celebration. Like traditional families celebrates Diwali, Holi etc. My fly celebrates Birthdays religiously. And this time it was doubly celebration time as two birthdays fall on 28th Feb and 1st March, and as good as it could get it was a weekend. :D :D Life sometimes, just sometimes tries to behave well :P So, we decided to take full advantage of this opportunity and plan a get – away. After a lot of discussions and arguments the final place was decided to be KONKAN, Shrivardhan et al. All the Family members arriver from every nook and corner of India [I’m jus kidding, the 4 of us stay in Pune and 3 in Mumbai :P]

We decided to take off a little late on Saturday after some nice sleep and all. All bags packed and we were off in an AC TAVERA [this piece of info is just to make some of you jealous :P] The car had a very good music system even a DVD player n good display. The driver also seemed completely harmless and little did we know, it was just the lull before the storm. We asked him to play music and……..

“Tum tho thaire PARDESI…Saath kya nibhaoge.. eeeeee”
“Aacha silla diya tune mere pyar ka…. Yaar ne hi loot liya ghar yaar ka”
“Tu pyar hai kisi aur ka. Thujhe chata koi aur hai...”

I won’t disagree that initially we loved these B- grade songs, even sung along at the top of our voices but later it took a toll and we HAD to stop the music… We then demanded to start some DVD, it began with some chanting in the name of the Almighty!!! We waited patiently for it to finish and some real action to begin…. Five minutes passed … ten minutes passes but the chanting wont stop… Finally I succumbed to my impatience and mustered the courage to ask him what this jazz was???? The driver, unperturbed by my impatience, smiled back and replied “Chant in the name of the GOD!!! One should always take sharan to god and all shall be well”…… BEEP BEEP !!!! I mean we all do our religious and praying bit BUT we were here for an HOLIDAY for GOD’s sake. I, with all my due respect to him and his chanting asked him to shut it down.
Thanks to Scooby’s N73 we had some music backup, she has A- to B grade songs :P

The journey passed discussing some office gossips and the stories bout our NEWLY FOUND CORPORATE WORLD. [Friends from TCS were dumbfound as they still are to have a rendezvous with this world. There Corporate journey is limited to Carom and Cafeteria :P… Sorry Guys… Couldn’t avoid it!!! ] Its very fascinating to know how our conversation have slowly changed from College gossips to Office politics, from bitching about Matrons and profs. To bitching about our Managers and TLs, from SMSs to E Mails, from casuals to Business formals… Discussions changed but one thing will never change… We still have this irresistible urge to share each and every story of our day to day life… :D Wish it stays so for ever. Amen (Driver shall be happy to know, I believe in God.. :P)

We reached Shrivardhan at about 6 PM, and approached the place where our bookings were done. Disappointment and anger possessed me as soon as I saw the place. I mean I’ve been to Konkan so many times and always had the best of accommodations and this place was just short of being called a DUNGEON. I had a strong urge to strangle the B ‘day girl’s neck as she had done the bookings but only because it was HER birth day, she was saved from my wrath. We decided to spend as less time place in that dungeon as possible and hit the Beach as it was just an hour left before ‘Sunset’.

“Sea” always arises a concoction of complex (wow, alliteration.. :D) emotions within me. Awe, Fear, Respect, Ambition, Modesty and many more….. The Ocean has never failed to teach me a new thing every time I’m around one. Words have abandoned me as I try to explain what I learned, may be the experience is too inarticulate to explain. (Too philosophical eh….) Well, I learned I should wear tight pants so that I don’t have to hold and run races with my friends on the sea shore… :P :P

The sea venture ended and we were back at the Dungeon to spend the rest of the night. (YA, we had dinner at some place where we met, rather saw a Marathi actress, I had no clue who she was but my mom was elated to know I SAW her when I told her this over the phone :P) We began with a Cards session and what a session it was!!!! All laughter!!!! I lost some countless games in a row, Snehal, who with all her faith had betted on me lost all her money as well as her confidence on me…. Duh… I cannot I got so unlucky while playing “3 Cards” that I got a “2” while we were playing highest card wins and a “king” while playing the opposite [I’m NOT making up this shit, it actually happened to me!!!!] Night always makes one NOSTALGIC, and we were no exception. Our reminiscence session began to evoke all lost memories right from First year First sem to Farewell…. We went from tears to titters through this journey… But what a journey it has been so far….!!! [Words have been defying me too often in this post :P]

As always, we had decided to go to the beach early morning, which I’m sure all of is knew we won’t, but still we decided just for the heck of it and ended up sleeping till 9 L We got ready and left for HARIHARESWAR. The place has a Lord Shiva Temple [Don’t ask me for any detailed account, this is all I know and also that the Pedhas were too good there…] On the way back we fell a little silent partly due to fatigue and partly because it was time to say good bye YET again. I do it almost every other weekend but I still cant stop feeling bad about it…. Reached Pune at about 6 PM totally content with this itinerary and ourselves.

More Birth days, more achievements, more parties, more gossips, friends, family and CELEBRATION…. What more can I ask for ?????


kiran said...

Great piece of writing... Just loved the part where u explained "Sea". Though u said u words abandoned u trust me thats not true. great alliteration FYI...

Loved ur writing style...

ANAGHA said...

Thanks a lot for all the praise Kiran!!!
Will continue spinning some more good stories, keep visiting and keep commenting!!!